Visions of Vietnam 

(Additional schedule options also available)

Adventure Activists will be in Vietnam traveling between Hanoi and Cat Ba Island and invite you to come along for some of the most fulfilling days of your life!  Activist activities will vary depending on the needs/wants of HSCV at that time but are sure to be rewarding and fun.  On the last trip we helped the foster girls build a balcony vegetable garden.  Adventure activities will be on Cat Ba Island at the fully equpided and stocked adventure center.  Activities are available for all levels of physical fitness and tax deductions are available for travel packages that benefit Humanitarian Sevices for Children of Vietnam including bike, rice and education donations.


(details subject to change based on weather or other mitigating factors) 

Day 1         

Arrive in Hanoi, Vietnam
Settle into accommodations
Check out the local neighborhood, West Lake & Tur Lien river
Meet & Greet cultural dinner with the other 'adventurers', HSCV staff and young women to go over plans for your Activist activity

Day 2
Ride out into the beautiful countryside and visit some of the local villages where you will participate in the rice distribution program that your trip helps fund.
Return back to Hanoi to refresh before enjoying some Vietnamese cuisine.
Witness the famous water puppet theatre performance. 

Day 3
Begin volunteer efforts at the HSCV facilities (Activities to be announced prior to trip and will be based on the needs of HSCV and the areas of expertise of the volunteers)
Walk the city's local markets and store fronts  

Day 4
Ride scooters through the busy streets to go complete your volunteer project.
Enjoy a cooking class and dinner with the students of HSCV before saying farewell

Day 5
All aboard the luxury bus and high speed catamaran that will take you to Cat Ba Island
Settle into accommodations  and check out the local beaches
Enjoy a pick your own seafood dinner on a floating restaurant in the serene bay 

Day 6
Wake up for 'climbing orientation' and
Breakfast with the team
Basket boat out to the climbing site and give it your all on several rock faces of varying difficulty that are available
Spend the evening in a bungalow on a remote beach with volleyball and kayaks
Island BBQ 

Day 7
Wake up for a morning basket boat ride to meet the team on the water
Enjoy swimming off the wood decks or just enjoying the sunshine
Spend the day kayaking through dark caves or into the scenic bays where you may spot an endangered Langur

Day 8
Try the traditional Pho breakfast
Rent scooters and begin to explore the historical sites of the island; cannon point, hospital cave and butterfly valley just to name a few!
Hike the trails in the national park to see some local wildlife and incredible vistas.
End your day at atop a hill to enjoy sunset and an evening cocktail over the floating village. 

Day 9
Hit the trails early for a jungle trek that will take you from the bottoms of the valleys to the tops of tall peaks 
Enjoy lunch at a small farm and prepared for you amidst it's animals, orchards and the beauty of butterfly valley.
Spend the afternoon on several climbs from beginner to advanced.
Camp out in the valley for full appreciation of island isolation under the stars 

Day 10
Enjoy the three beaches of Cat Ba with a day of sunning, relaxation and strolling the boardwalk that connects them
or for those of you brave enough who are still full of energy try out the deep water solo climbs, where the only thing between you and plunging into the water is your grip on the rock 

Day 11
Transportation back to Hanoi
Time to sight see, souvenier shop, enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city before flying home or heading off to your next destination!