Ecstasy in Ecuador

Join us for the chance to appreciate one of the most untouched places on the world's surface as we partner up with the Los Cedros Biological Reserve. This is where the flora and fauna of the Central American, Amazonian, and Andean regions overlap, creating one of the most biologically diverse areas on the planet.

Los Cedros Biological Reserve consists of 17,000 acres of premontane wet tropical forest and cloud forest. Of this, 2,650 acres is formerly colonized land, while the remainder is primary forest. The reserve is a southern buffer zone for the 450,000 acre Cotocachi-Cayapas Ecological Reserve, and both are part of the Choco Phytogeographical Zone. The Choco region is one of the most biologically diverse and endemic habitats on Earth.

Adventure Activist will not only explore and stay within this incredible environment but will help to preserve trails and support the few who protect it from loggers and poachers.


Tear it up in Tanzania 

Strengthen your legs and soul with a 6 day Kilimanjaro climb and wild safari after building a sustainable garden for an orphanage.  This short project will not only provide these kids with an educational device and means of putting food on their table, but it will also give them a life skill and a sense of worth as they pass on the knowledge and food on to younger orphans.  This trip is run in conjunction with Afrishare Solutions an organization based out of Moshi and working with the community year round. 
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Finding Nirvana In Nepal 

Trek across the Himalayas with experienced guides, amazing vistas and a group of friends while raising funds and awareness for organizations that work to stop child trafficking in the peaceful villages through out this mountain range. ~ View Itinerary ~



Visions of Vietnam 

Rock climb majestic cliff faces, paddle across pristine waters and hike over varied terrain on the island of Cat Ba.  This outstanding trip gives you a chance to try new things which is the same gift you will be giving to a group of Vietnamese children.  We'll work with Humanitarian Services for Children of Vietnam and Our World Focus  to participate in fun and needed projects at the foster home. Funds from your trip go towards HSCV's bike, rice and education programs. ~ View Itinerary ~



Kick Off in Kenya

Continue your African Adventure for another great program in Kenya!  This fun filled week includes white water rafting, a Masai Mara Safari, rock climbing and scenic game walks.  Proceeds continue to support our African non-profit affiliate, Mama Hope.  ~ View Itinerary ~